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—Mike, Thompson Foundry President

Thompson Foundry finds Morowat Global to be very knowledgeable and experienced at all levels of their equipment capabilities.  We produce a large variety of ferrous metal castings including many abrasion resistant 25% chrome white iron precision parts.  Thompson Foundry can count on Morowat Global to machine the castings we bring them and get it right at a reasonable cost.” 

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Our Team always strives to provide the highest quality service and the most efficiently produced components; which enables our customers to save time and money not only a the initial purchase, but especially through extended service life.  Morowat Global takes great care adhering to all ISO 9001 policies throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring the delivery of only the highest quality finished components. 

At Morowat Global, we train our staff on ISO 9001, ensuring we consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.  In addition to ISO requirements, our company policy mandates the calibration of all measuring equipment prior to each use and upon final inspection.


Attention to these details allows us to guarantee that the products we manufacture will always be on time and meet customer specified requirements.

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