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Morowat Global is focused on finished components and

assemblies for heavy industry including (but not limited to)

the oil & gas, mining, and forestry sectors.  Our machines

are capable of handling volumes up the 10,000KG in a

variety of shapes and sizes.

We have extensive experience machining a wide variety

of materials such as carbon/alloy and stainless steels,

aluminum, ductile iron, brass/bronze, Monel etc., both

from billets and castings.

In addition, our highly experienced design team, in house specialized tooling and custom manufactured inserts, enables us to not only machine High chrome white iron (HCWI ) castings and hard surface overlays up to 70 Rockwell (RHC), but (where necessary) redesign existing wear components to take full advantage of these long wearing materials. 

While most work is done in house, Morowat Global has a proven network of affiliated companies that allow us to handle projects that require specialty finishing, or other processes.






Morowat Global MFG. is a familiar name in the oil patch, and been called upon to manage some of the largest and most difficult projects

The growing pipeline business in Canada has recognized Morowat Global MFG. as a technology leader and key supplier of components that contribute to the safety and efficiency of modern pipelines

Manufacturing in the mining industry presents unique challenges including large components that cannot be handled by just any shop.  Morowat Global MFG. is always up for the challenge and has consistantly delivered exectional products and service

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